I am committed to expanding workforce development opportunities for our students in the county over the next four years.  Creating opportunities for our youth has to be a top priority to ensure students are learning employable skills whether they are career or college bound.  Career exploration should take place throughout a student’s scholastic career to provide numerous opportunities to discover their strengths and passion while preparing for jobs in the 21st century.

I am committed to closing the achievement gap that is persistent throughout Sacramento County.  Our region cannot thrive if our young people are not graduating from high school with the ability to read, write and complete math at grade level.  I am a proud supporter of Fortune Schools of Education who is also committed to this work and has proven results in closing the achievement gap.  Fortune Schools has found the "secret sauce" to helping children succeed and I'm committed to helping them share their best practices with district schools in the county. 

2019.12.14 POLITICAL - CCSA - Joanne Aho