2019.12.14 POLITICAL - CCSA - Joanne Aho

I am a 20-year resident in the region and I am a mother of four children in San Juan Unified schools, who has spent the last four years as your Board Member, leading efforts to improve education in Sacramento County. For over six years, I have worked in the non-profit sector, fighting for better educational opportunities for students throughout California. I’m a champion for kids at home, on the board and at work. I will continue to be that champion. 


As your representative on the Sacramento County Board of Education, we have balanced the county budget and continually reduced pension liabilities during my term.  We have a 98% success rate at transitioning our most at-risk students in county operated schools back into local public schools or helping them graduate with a high school diploma. 

With the current teacher shortage, we are doing our part at the county by providing an affordable credentialing program.  Since 2015, we have prepared over 3,000 teachers for the classroom by clearing their credentials.  In the past year, we have provided close to 11,000 teachers with professional development opportunities to help teachers better serve students in the classroom.  Professional development areas of focus have included: English Language Arts; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math; and, how to reduce suspensions and expulsions for African American students. 

We have awarded hundreds of high school diplomas to veterans who left high school before graduation to fight in World War II, the Korean War, or the Vietnam War.  The annual ceremony hosted by the board serves as the high school graduation and celebration of our veterans who sacrificed for our country.

Additional achievements include: worked to improve early learning for children in preschool in our region by offering professional development to over 700 preschool teachers, staff and administrators; provided academic and resource supports for foster, homeless and special education youth in the county; provided training for over 1,200 district staff and more than 5,000 parents in bullying prevention.  Additionally, 31,000 youth participated in bullying prevention efforts.